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Visual Antics

Smoking Monkey White Cap

Smoking Monkey White Cap

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Paddy McDonnell (Paddy The Dagger)
Listen. There's a monkey in Belfast Zoo who smoked in it. Which is something to look at. You used to throw fegs in and the monkey smoked. But... No that's true(!) He doesn't buy 'em. He doesn't go, "Mucker. 20 Regal. Filter. Get the filter. Not the Kingsize. Don't get Kingsize, don't cuz, they taste different." But you used to throw fegs in and this c*nt used to smoke 'em, right? So... and that used to be the big attraction. No he.. No he lit it. He would light the feg. He would f*ckin' light it. Two sticks! Wee flint. There was a big sign that said "Do not throw Benson & Hedges in. Because he doesn't like 'em."

This Smoking Monkey Cap in White features an embroidered logo at the front.

  • 100% chino cotton
  • One size only
  • Adjustable buckle back
  • Self-fabric strap

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